необычная презентация от Paula Knorr

ЛОндон во всем необычен и в презентацияхх тоже!   Посомтрите какая была необычная презентация утром 18го февраля!

Originally hailing from Frankfurt Paula lives and works in London. A graduate of MA RCA Paula Knorr shortly won the ITS Fashion Award in July 2015 in Trieste Italy. ‘Her Wet Skin’ the debut collection from Paula Knorr explores and dissects conventions of femininity, the collection was governed by a personal exploration of 25 women and their attitudes and understanding of womanhood. The studies pay tribute to their thoughts, wishes and anxieties around womanhood and femininity. About their inner feminist struggle and the circumstances which make them think, feel, act like the women they want to be. To translate the answers into visuals, Paula recreated these true feminine heartstrings into 25 different videos, which play with the interaction between artificial materials and nude body. Paula Knorr has created luxury RTW pieces that respect and fulfil the thoughts of her muses; creating a new poetic womenswear identity: Loose metallic scraps are sliding down matte skin-like dresses. Frozen in motion, they create a contrast between artificial lightness and sensual velvety skin. Glossy fabric pieces are moulded around the woman´s shape, creating a relief of the body, surreal fixed in place by a lycra backside. P

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